My name is Mara and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my amazing husband and my wonderful daughter!

Having studied Business Administration, prior to having child, I had a career as a finance manager in our family company and as a flight attendant in the same time.

Upon the birth of my daughter we decided to stay at home. Now, ready to finish a master in Cultural Management and believing to the growing role of creativity in driving economic and social development for a country, I decided to have a new view of my competitive advantage.

By this new point of view “Mara’s Mitos” was created. 

I saw “Mara’s Mitos” as an opportunity and a possibility to express my potential for creativity and critical thinking. Mara’s mitos hand knitted goods, expression of traditional craftsmanship and part of the intangible cultural heritage are clothes and accessories adapted to contemporary needs of use and aesthetics.

Using an art that I learned in my childhood, evolved in response to my environment, my skills, knowledge, perception and inspiration, I offer knitted crafts which with proper care can be maintained for many years.